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Paul Hovan


I started out as a 250 lb. offensive and defensive lineman in high school playing football, and realized that once it was over, I didn’t want to play football anymore; but I knew it was time to get back to a healthy weight and feeling better about myself. I’ve met a lot of people at my stage of competing, doing photo shoots, and now just being in this shape since it is my lifestyle, so most just think I’ve been fit, competing, and in great shape my entire life, which is far from the truth!


I remember I used to go to McDonalds after EVERY football and basketball practice; I had no idea what proper nutrition meant! I started researching nutrition and ways to change my lifestyle for the better when I was about 17 years old. I looked up journal articles on PubMed where they publish scientifically proven methods and techniques of what works; I would read every article in the magazines I had publications to; I would research elite athlete’s biographies and see how they ate to fuel themselves and build the physiques they had; whatever I had to do to up my knowledge and get me better, I would do it. In 6 months, I lost 55 pounds (240 lbs. on December 15th, 2008 to 185 lbs. on June 15th, 2009) just from the general knowledge I obtained through online articles, books, and published studies. I stuck to a program of consistent healthy eating that I created myself, a cardiovascular regimen, and started resistance training 5 times per week.


Most people think that there just has to be some magic way to get in shape; that they don’t have the ability to get abs, or to build muscle, or whatever their doubts may be; but the truth of the matter is, EVERYONE can change their way of eating, start exercising, and be consistent with it, and then all of the sudden, you wake up one morning feeling tighter, healthier; you start seeing some cuts and definition you’ve never seen before; you wake up with this clean energy, ready for the day ahead; your face starts taking a shape you’ve never seen before; you’re leaner… This happens to those you see who have done it! Believe me, I know, CAUSE I’VE DONE IT! I’ve been there, done that. I’m living proof! What more do you need to see to realize that you have the ability to get in the gym, start resistance training, get on a cardiovascular regimen, change your way of eating, take control of your health and fitness and feel better about yourself? After all of the transformations you have seen from others, why do you still think that YOU are not capable of doing the same?


I got into Natural Bodybuilding competitions in 2010 and did my first two shows when I was a teenager. From there, I got noticed from a local photographer named Bill Terry and did my first photo shoot with him in November. After that, I realized that this is what I was born to do. God guides me in the way He sees fit, and I was made to help people realize their full potential and to show you that it can be done; BY DOING IT MYSELF! That is the most important thing I stress to others; don’t just believe your average gym rat about all the information he/she tells you, when they have no certifications or education in the background of exercise science, nutritional science, and don’t apply their principles and knowledge to themselves.


To be honest, most competitors don’t know a thing about nutritional science and the science behind muscle contraction and metabolism. They, themselves, have coaches and trainers telling them exactly what to eat, and exactly what programs to follow to get them into the shape you see them in on stage. You can’t just look at somebody who is in shape and immediately think, “Oh, this person knows EXACTLY what they’re talking about and I’m going to listen to whatever they tell me to do.” NO. DON’T DO THIS. Do your own research. If you know that you’re going to seek out professional help from a coach, do background checks on them first before even emailing them. Check out who they have worked with, the results they’ve helped their clients attain, their educational background, what other people say about them, and their track record. This industry is full of fakes and so called “expert gurus” that lure naive people into paying them and then give them cookie cutter meal plans and programs which they give to EVERYONE they work with. Be smart.


I applied what I learned to my body because I wanted to see if what I knew and read about really was the truth, and then bang… 6 months later, 55 pounds lighter, I knew I was on my way.


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Ed/Exercise Science from Central Connecticut State University. I am a Certified Sports Nutritionist, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Sports Conditioning Trainer. I am First AID, CPR, and AED certified. I’ve competed many times and have done many photo shoots. I’ve been over weight and depressed. I’ve hit rock bottom and came back better and stronger than ever. I transformed my mind first, which then made my body follow suit. I’ve been there, done that. Now, it is YOUR turn.


I want to help YOU realize that YOU can do it. YOU can change your lifestyle for the better. YOU can get healthier. YOU can get in shape. YOU can get on stage and compete. YOU can get in the best shape of your life and do a photo shoot. YOU can do whatever it is you put your mind to; But it’s up to no one else, but YOU. If YOU want it, YOU can get it. It just depends on how BAD that you want it!


Let me help you realize your potential; let me be a source of motivation for you. But in the end, no one is at your side waking you up at 5 a.m when your alarm goes off to get to the gym and get your workout in before work or classes. No one is forcing you to drive to the gym after a long day at work to get your workout in before going home and calling it a night. No one is home with you at every meal, making sure you are making healthy choices and tossing the bad habits out the window.


Plain and simple; if you want to change, you can. It’s all up to you.


Who do you want to be?

Beverly Hovan


Hi there! I’m your coach, Beverly Hovan, and would like to tell you a short version of my fitness journey. It all began while growing up outside of Des Moines, Iowa in the summer before beginning seventh grade, when my older sister came to visit. I was not only inspired by her lean, fit, beautiful body, but also her go-getter, positive attitude. With her initiative, we would run the three-mile loop on the country roads near the house and do home work-out videos together. After she left, I continued on with my fitness goals, including a strong interest in long-distance running. My dad began waking my brother and I up before the sun came up every morning and would drop us off two miles from our house to run home. In high school, I joined track and cross-country and eventually obtained the high school record in cross-country.


After graduating from highschool, I decided to train for my first marathon. I followed a free four-month program I found online and signed up for the race located in Lincoln, Nebraska. When the race day arrived, I was so excited, especially since I had a great support system who came to watch, my mom and sister. During that first marathon, as each mile passed, the building up of fatigue and inexperience came tumbling down and the wall you hear about at mile 20 in a marathon- happened to me. My legs were burning, I felt horrible, and I honestly hated the entire experience. I told myself I would never do this again, but knew I had to complete this race no matter how terrible I felt because I trained so hard for it.


Then it happened…a moment that changed my life forever. I was nearing the last mile when this older woman passed me and I noticed the back of her shirt that said ‘Fifty State Marathon Club’. I couldn’t believe what I saw and thought about what it meant, ‘she is running a marathon in all fifty states?’ I asked myself. I was so inspired that I couldn’t stop thinking about it the entire three-hour drive home. I promised myself, ‘I’m going to do this’.


Fast-forward 4.5 years later, and this goal was accomplished. In fact, I went above and beyond, and broke the record for being the youngest female to run a marathon in all fifty states at the age of 22. It was one of the proudest moments of my life.


I continued my running journey after that until one of my best friends talked me into competing in a bikini competition. She had done one and felt I would do well. I was a skinny runner with very little muscle. I resisted because I felt I was strictly a runner with no interest in that sport, but, with her persuasion, I finally agreed.


The plan was weightlifting and following a strict diet plan for three months. I’d never lifted weights seriously except for weightlifting a semester in high school, and had never followed a meal plan, but I went for it whole-heartedly.
There were a lot of struggles, mistakes, and things I learned during those three months, but I made it to the stage and placed fifth in the bikini tall division. Not only did my body change drastically, but my skin, hair, nails, and spirit improved significantly from simply following my meal plan and lifting weights. It wasn’t easy of course. As they say, if it was easy, wouldn’t everyone do it? Don’t get me wrong, I was always skinny, but surprisingly, never felt comfortable in a swimsuit. I was what is called ‘skinny fat’. After those three months, I loved my new muscles and felt sexy, strong, and beautiful. I hadn’t seen my family during that time, and boy, did I receive a lot of compliments on how great I looked!


After meeting the love of my life, Paul, I was inspired by him to not only continue on with my passion of helping people get better in the hospital as a Registered Nurse, but also help people with their fitness and nutrition goals. As a Certified Sports Nutritionist and ISSA Trainer, I’m here to empower men and women of all ages to change their lives with sound nutrition, exercise, and the right mindset.


Let me help you to feel and look the best you’ve ever felt!I believe health is a journey, not a destination – and one must continue to always strive to improve oneself and set new goals every single day. Remember – progress, not perfection! 🙂