Calculating Your Macro Nutrients 101


Am I pretty close? I don’t want you to feel ashamed of this, because I was a victim to this way of eating as well. I would cook and put all of my fish into Tupperware, steam all of my vegetables, cook pounds of sweet potatoes, and feel consumed by my eating habits. I would bring my food with me to celebrations and get-togethers and eat it in the car so others wouldn’t look at me or ask me weird questions.
I was tired of this. I was irritable, groggy, and very short-tempered. It wasn’t just me who was suffering because of my obsession with eating “clean”; my family and friends were being affected too. My relationships were suffering as a result of me suffering.Want to know the worst part? I didn’t even look how I wanted to look! How could it be, that I was slaving away in the kitchen for hours, eating all of this “clean” food, workout 2-3 hours per day, yet still be hungry, irritable, and not seeing the results I wanted?

I had to change something;
I started losing weight effortlessly. I stopped damaging my relationships with family and friends, due to my obsession with “clean eating”. I stopped feeling guilty and ashamed once I had some junk food. I was happier, healthier, started to love food, and started loving myself.I no longer felt like I was “dieting”. Take it from me, since I’ve been doing this for almost seven years: dieting is easy; it’s like riding a bike, and the bike is on fire, and you’re on fire, and everything is on fire, because you’re in hell! Who likes to “diet”? NO ONE!

There is a reason they call it a “diet” and that’s because it is just the word die with a “t” on the end. You are dying while you “diet”!

This ebook is your solution!
  1. No confusing math calculations.
  2. No “bro-science” meal plans with fish and vegetables for 6 meals per day.
  3. No more guessing games or questions such as, “am I eating enough?”, “am I eating too much?”, “why aren’t I losing fat?”, and/or “what should I be eating?”.
  4. Science-backed methods that are PROVEN to work.


Price Comparison
Nutritionist for 12 weeks – $500
Skype sessions for teaching macro calculations – $200
Nutrition Textbook on Macronutrients and Metabolism – $100
How to calculate your macronutrients: 101 eBookprice-comparison-new



What is included in this ebook
  • I bring you the simplest, most effective way on how to calculate how many calories you need to eat, every day, to achieve your goal, whether your goal be weight maintenance, muscle gain, or fat loss!
  • I teach you how to create your own nutrition program!
  • I go into extreme detail about each macronutrient: protein, carbohydrate, and fat!
  • I provide you with examples of the calculations to show you the math, so you can reflect back on it when you decide to calculate your own values!
  • I show you how to determine your resting metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn every day at rest)!
  • How to calculate the percent breakdown for your macronutrient intake (this will come in handy once you determine if you are carbohydrate tolerant, respond better to a higher fat intake, need more protein on weight lifting days, etc.)!
  • The proper way of weighing and measuring your food (food portions and their weights are essential for short and long-term weight loss and weight management success). Think “PORTION CONTROL”!
  • Concepts on how to use flexible dieting (IIFYM), why it works, and how to continue losing fat and building muscle, while still giving into your cravings!
  • Ways to monitor your progress!
  • How to develop a better relationship with food!


caroline“Paul’s program is nothing short of extraordinary; for the first time in a while I can look in the mirror and not hate what I’m seeing, thanks to him.” – Caroline, United States
jessica“Paul is more than just an amazing coach, because he truly cares about his clients! He is highly educated and relies on what works, not “bro science”.” – Jessica W, Figure Competitor, Canada
molly“Changing my physique, loving what I see, my clothes falling off of me, pushing myself in my workouts and nutrition to a place I thought I would never go, and food no longer controls me!!!!!! All thanks to Paul.” – Molly, United States
nicole“My advice to those thinking about signing up for this program: I can promise you that I am lazier than you. I would love to sleep that extra hour in the morning instead of get up for the gym. I can drink a disgusting amount of beer. If I can sign up for this program and break some of my awful habits, so can you.” – Nicole, United States
liana“I learned the importance of food in my life; that it is a necessity in order to perform well in the gym and to look and feel my best. My relationship with food changed so much in these past 12 weeks and learning the importance of putting good things in my body, so that my outcomes can be just as good.” – Liana, United States
beverly“This book is the best, straight-forward, and most simplest way of explaining how to eat foods that you love, while still achieving all of your health and fitness goals. Paul breaks it down in an “A, B, C…” format, making it very easy to follow along and apply to yourself. I eat chocolate when I want it, have some wine when I feel like it, and never feel guilty for eating a few “junk” food items everyday, because I still hit my total calorie goal for the end of the day and am 100% on track! This book is for everyone, competitors included!” – Beverly, WNBF Bikini Competitor, United States
catherine“I lost inches from my waist and saw vast improvements in strength. I was eating more AND losing weight. He opened a whole new world of IIFYM (if it fits your macros) for me and I never felt restricted. I didn’t even feel the need to binge.” – Catherine, WBFF Bikini Competitor, United States