Basic Month-to-Month Online Coaching

$125.00 / month with a sign-up fee of $55.00

Our most straight-forward service. You get the same service here as our Premium Package, with one MAJOR difference – your access and communication to us. With our premium package clientele, they can text, message, call us, etc. any time of the day, ask us questions whenever they want, Skype with us if they wish (via appointment), and basically have access to us 24/7. With our Basic Package, your access to us is limited to EMAIL ONLY and only one day of the week. We will not check in with you during the week, but will receive your official progress update every weekend (your weight, pictures, feedback, etc.) plus answer all of the questions you have on that one day.


I have learned over the years that each person has different needs when it comes to coaching. Some people need to talk to us every day, send us updates every couple of days, Skype with us every week, and so forth – while other clients will receive their programs every Monday and not touch base with us until the weekend when they send us their official updates. Due to this, we will now be splitting this clientele up. The people who don’t need assistance during the week and don’t need to text, message, call, or get in touch with us every day, will be best suited with our Basic Package here. Those clients who require more time and attention, will be best suited for our Premium Package.



Initial down payment (covers first month) – $180.00
Every month thereafter – $125.00 per month


Important Message: This program is like you are purchasing a month-to-month payment plan at a gym. Each month, 30 days after you sign up, your payment will be automatically withdrawn for next month’s coaching.


What’s Included:

  • 4-week Customized Nutrition Program
  • 4-week Customized Training Program
  • Supplementation Recommendations
  • LIMITED ACCESS (NO access via text/Facebook message, calls, Skype, etc. – EMAIL ONLY)
  • One check-in each week – which will be your official progress update (weight, pictures, questions, etc.) every weekend.
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