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My 12 week transformation program with Paul has literally changed my life, from how I view myself, to how I look at food.


The level of support and guidance I got throughout was incredible; always there to answer my questions and to point me in the right direction (normally to the gym).


Seeing weekly progress through my pictures steered me away from being hooked on the numbers on the scale and I loved it!


Paul has been such an inspiring coach and someone I have a lot of respect for! This program is so worth it and I can’t wait for my next stage to begin!

Zoe, United Kingdom


Paul’s 12 week program absolutely changed my body and my life. It has been a long journey and it was completely worth it. I feel healthier, I have more energy, a better respect for my body, and more motivation in everything I do.


Paul gave me the tools I needed to make these life changes and pushed me when I needed it.He understood when I had bad days and helped me get back on the wagon without judgment.


The meal plan was exactly what I needed, and wasn’t too difficult and the training program has given me a new confidence I didn’t even know I had.
Paul’s program is nothing short of extraordinary; for the first time in a while I can look in the mirror and not hate what I’m seeing, thanks to him.

Caroline, United States


Where do I begin?


With 5 weeks left of my figure contest prep, I was in desperate need of a coach. I reached out to Paul and it was the best decision I could have made!


Paul took over my prep (a very difficult task with only 5 weeks left). He kept in constant contact and tailor made my program to fit MY body. He didn’t just print me some cookie cutter plan. If I had a question, it was answered almost immediately. Come peak week, I felt Paul was right by my side. He looked at how my body was responding daily and changed my plan accordingly. I can’t believe how he helped transform my body, which he did without starving me or destroying my metabolism.


Paul is more than just an amazing coach because he truly cares about his clients! He is highly educated and relies on what works, not “bro science”. I would recommend this online program to anyone and everyone! I will be training with Paul again for my upcoming competitions!

Jessica W, Canada

Erica 2

During my 12 weeks with Paul and Hov Hustle Fitness I have learned so much. Not only has my body transformed, but my mind as well. I’ve gained so much insight and knowledge during my time with Paul. I’ve discovered so many things about my body.I am comfortable in my own skin, I am proud of my body, and the hard work I have put in to get it that way.


Paul was very helpful and encouraging during my 12 weeks with him. He is intelligent and knowledgeable about his profession, and all of the questions I’ve had, which is a lot. It is very convenient to have a coach so passionate about fitness and health to work with. It really motivated me to work as hard as possible.


I instilled all of my trust in Paul to help me reach my goals and I was definitely not disappointed. It is extremely important to have direct contact with your trainer; making changes based on daily or weekly feedback made my program feel very specific to me and my goals. I felt comfortable going to Paul with questions, concerns, and just plain excitement about my progress.


I would, and presently do, recommend him to anyone passionate about starting a training or meal program, you will not be disappointed. I will definitely continue to make progress and set new goals for myself to achieve.


I am lucky enough to bring with me, everything I’ve learned during this program; you truly can’t put a price on that. I can’t thank you enough, Paul, for all of your help and guidance. It will always be appreciated and certainly never forgotten.

Erica, United States


Two words: GAME CHANGER… that is what Paul’s help is!


When I came to Paul for his help, I had no doubt he would get me to where I wanted to be! Watching Paul’s personal journey gave me all the confidence and belief in him to be the one I came to for help on my own health/fit journey!




I’ve worked with a few other coaches before, but they don’t hold a candle to his help and work ethic! His attentiveness and willingness to always be available when I had questions or concerns just inspired my level of commitment, as he was so committed to helping me.


One, amidst many, thing that stood out which I was extremely impressed with and appreciative for, was how well he worked with my blood sugars as I have been a type I diabetic for 30 yrs. It DID NOT make his job easy, but he NEVER got frustrated with the circumstances or made me feel like a bother when I had to come to him.


I couldn’t be any more excited at how far I’ve come in a short 12 weeks physically, mentally, and emotionally! I exceeded my goals for these first 12 weeks, weighing less than what I set as a goal (14.25lbs), weighing less than I have in 7 years, which has been tough having 2 more children in that timeframe.


Changing my physique, loving what I see, my clothes falling off me, pushing myself in my workouts and nutrition to a place I thought I would never go, and food no longer controls me!!!!!! This is ALL due to Paul pushing me on ALL levels, therefore, I’m pushing myself!

Molly, United States


What I learned from this program…


That my generic title for this response is no reflection of the program. I signed up for Paul’s program 12 weeks ago with the intention of dropping a few pounds and to stop drinking like a sailor. As these 12 weeks have come to an end, I realized I actually learned far more about nutrition than I would’ve thought. That alone is going to be the most useful thing I can apply to fitness from here on out.


The program is perfect because you get out of it what you put into it. I can assure you, whoever is reading this, that I must have asked Paul at least 1,000 questions about everything you could imagine. He would answer each one and explain everything with the patience of a saint. I’ve learned it’s important to not focus on looking perfect, but to work towards bettering yourself by making small improvements.The encouragement over the last 12 weeks was awesome motivation, as well as the personal accomplishments you see on your own.


My advice to those thinking about signing up for this program: I can promise you that I am lazier than you. I would love to sleep that extra hour in the morning instead of get up for the gym. I can drink a disgusting amount of beer.If I can sign up for this program and break some of my awful habits, so can you.


These 12 weeks will change your outlook on fitness and nutrition in the best way possible. I actually have never felt healthier and look forward to continuing this lifestyle.

Nicole, United States


I first met Paul at my CrossFit box. He was finishing up a college internship and I was a member of the gym. At the time I was about five foot six inches and between 200 – 205 pounds. My strength numbers were through the roof with a 550 pound deadlift, 300 pound power clean, and a 450 pound back squat (these numbers were hard earned; I had spent three years in a squat rack to get them).


At the time, I thought I had a really nice physique, but I knew there was room for improvement in the way I was eating, so I started asking Paul questions; as many questions on nutrition as I possibly could think of. Paul always would explain to me the importance of a balanced diet and stress that health was the most important part. He spent time explaining to me that with the correct nutrients, in proper proportions, you could lose fat and continue to get stronger (it seems that people are very misled on this topic). It didn’t take long before I knew Paul was the real deal when it came to nutritional coaching.


After witnessing Paul go into competition prep and seeing the results he was getting, I couldn’t hold out any longer. I signed up for a Hov Hustle Fitness Transformation. During my 12 week transformation, I could text Paul anytime with any question and he was always very responsive with the answer. He made changes when they needed to be made and he accommodated my food requests and needs.


Here I am 12 weeks later, 20 pounds lighter, and none of my strength numbers have suffered from the weight loss. I am as strong as ever, my mile time dropped 40 seconds. I had a 20 second PR (personal record) on my “Fran” time and up until the last week, I was training twice a day.


It takes a real professional to program a fat loss diet that still allows for you to make progress in your strength and conditioning training and that’s what Hov Hustle Fitness is.


I wish I could tell you guys that I am going to take what I learned from Paul and do it on my own from now on, but instead, I am going to keep paying Paul to do it for me. I am that pleased with his program and him as a coach.


I would recommend Paul to anyone trying to improve their physique, training, or quality of life. The last 12 weeks have certainly improved mine.

Axel, United States


Fifteen weeks ago I knew I wanted to train for my first bikini competition, but I was completely lost on where to start. By chance, I overheard Paul talking about his own bodybuilding journey at my gym and I jumped at the opportunity.


Paul wasted no time setting me up with a proper meal plan (actually increasing my calories *gasp*) and a gym schedule designed to build a better stage-ready body.


Paul held high standards for me and required 100% dedication. He constantly checked in, was always available whenever I had questions, including 11pm on a Friday night (you never know when you are going to have a meal prep emergency), and made constant adjustments to my meal and workout plans to suit my needs and make sure I was ready in time for the stage.


My body started transforming almost immediately. Within two weeks, muscles were showing that I didn’t even know I had. Within a month, I was buying (much) smaller sized pants for work. It was borderline fascinating to watch. By week 11 he had me hitting the stage at a competition to get my feet wet, and I actually placed third!


These 15 weeks weren’t always easy. Paul pushed me to work hard and I did. There were times where I just wanted to stop, but Paul kept me motivated. By the time my big competition came around, I was beyond ready. I had the confidence and knowledge that I belonged there, and I felt and looked amazing.


I definitely plan on doing this again, and I know, with Paul’s coaching, I’ll continue to succeed in this crazy world of bodybuilding.

Jessica, United States


I would like to thank you and all of Hov Hustle Fitness for pushing me, not only physically, but mentally as well, to help me towards my goals for my first fitness competition.


In just 7 weeks, you helped me work harder than I ever have before. I was hesitant about doing the show because of the short time period we had for the preparation, but it only made me work that much harder and have more drive than ever before.


It is still shocking to me how much determination I had between meal prepping and waking up at 4:30 in the morning for cardio and then going to the gym again later after work for weight training, but I did it, and you helped talk me through everything. I’ve always had a passion for fitness and nutrition since high school, and entering my first competition with you by my side has been an amazing experience.


I worked 100% towards my goals, never missed a meal or workout and at the end of each week, would smile with the results from each progress picture. Nothing but helpful advice and interesting knowledge was given along my journey towards a literally life-changing experience. Never an unanswered question, even when I had doubts or was a real cranky pants. ;)


It amazed me just how quickly the body can react and the importance of maintaining a healthy diet. I plan on doing more shows in my future and wouldn’t have any doubts about working with you and your team again!


I am so proud of you for how you have grown and become such a role model to me since high school and thank you again, for pushing me to be in the best shape physically and mentally I’ll probably ever be in.

Ashley, United States

Liana G

In 12 weeks with Paul, my life has been restored. Paul, endlessly, encouraged me along this path toward realigning my life with proper eating and exercising through his education, personal knowledge and experimentation, as well as his drive and motivation to help people.


I learned the importance of food in my life; that it is a necessity in order to perform well in the gym and to look and feel my best. My relationship with food changed so much in these past 12 weeks and learning the importance of putting good things in my body so that my outcomes can be just as good. With every couple weeks came a change in my eating regimen from Paul. He tailored my macros in order for me to accomplish my goals.


Paul took the time to get to know and understand me and my hatred for the numbers on the scale, so much so, that he was perfectly fine with me not reporting my weights to him. The numbers would drive me insane and there would be Paul, lifting my spirits, telling me the progress he noticed in my pictures. The numbers that matter: 2 pant sizes dropped, my leg press weight went from 90lbs to 320lbs, and 1 friend was gained.. Paul.


I got lucky twice in my time with Paul to train with him in person. He pushed my limits, showed me so many intensity boosters to switch up my routines, and my workouts never got old. The in-person bonus was great, but most of all, Paul was ALWAYS there. I could text him and he would get back to answer my questions or calm my nerves so quick. He was more than a coach to me, he was a lifeline.


I didn’t think working with a coach would be as motivating as it has been. I had surgery 2 days before my 12 weeks was up with Paul. To celebrate our last official day on the program, I got back to the gym 2 days post-op and maneuvered around the gym with a huge smile on my face, mostly because I knew I would have never had the drive and motivation to do so, if it wasn’t for Paul and Hov Hustle Fitness.


I recommend Paul to anyone who needs a technical, educated, and respectable coach who will meet you where you are, to get you to where you want to be!

Liana, United States


Looking back on my first 12 weeks I had no idea what I was getting my self into. I had never worked with a personal trainer before, I honestly did not know what to expect. I’ve heard the horror stories of how expensive and the minimal results friends of mine have gotten and still get. I’m glad that’s something I can’t say about Paul Hovan. Paul made the program easy to follow, everything you need is right there. The only thing you need to bring to the table is the willingness to step outside your comfort zone and take action.


The program he put together for me had me worried at the beginning. I was wondering “how could I be eating this much? Isn’t this a diet?” Well, it took a week or two, but I then realized when I was dropping weight that it’s not a “diet”, but more of what I’ve been missing in my life: A healthy lifestyle, a better way of living.


I started to discover things about myself, that my body wants to be leaner, more fit, that I don’t have to starve and be hungry, but it all depends on portions and the food I eat. Every step, every bridge, every question, and every transition, Paul was right there answering my questions and not those bullshit answers you come to expect, but answers that are backed with scientific data. He fully explains why you should or should not be doing something. That alone spoke volumes to me; the effort to answer my questions and the level of availability to ask him anything has been unparalleled.


I learned a lot about myself in the first 12 weeks. I learned that not everyone knows what the facts are about your health. There’s a lot of misinformation out there that might have worked for one person somewhere, but that’s not you, here, now. I learned that the way you eat affects your mood, how you feel, how you view yourself and affects your self esteem. I learned in the gym that there are walls you must break down, that I limited myself and told myself that I can’t do things for so long that I believed it. I am now still rediscovering my potential and what I’m capable of. Paul might not be in the gym with me, but with his guidance, I am able to confidently walk in and know I’m on track to achieve my goals. That alone was one of the best feelings.


When I started with Paul, I was trying to diet and go to the gym by myself, but when I spoke with Paul he told me that I wasn’t eating enough, that I was burning too much and likely losing muscle. Yes I was losing weight, but too much too fast and I wasn’t doing it the healthy way. Paul introduced me to a new way of living that I honestly can’t see how I lived without before. I am now on my second 12-week program with him and closer to my goals than I ever have been.


Would I recommend Paul Hovan to anyone else?

Chris, United States


This program has changed my life and the way I eat and train. I never thought I needed to lose weight, I just wanted to see my muscles a little bit more and feel more healthy overall.


After the first week of strictly following the plan Paul had customized for me, I already noticed a huge difference in my body and energy level. After seeing these changes in only 7 days, I was extremely motivated to stick with it and not give up.


My workouts didn’t change much and they really didn’t have to. I was lifting heavier weights than ever before and Paul insisted that I not be afraid of lifting heavy, since this is what would increase my lean muscle tissue and help increase my metabolic rate, leading to losing more body fat and getting tighter each week. Paul also told me to not do too much cardio and he prescribed me only to 3 sessions per week of HIIT. I never did any more than that. The most important part of this was that he NEVER decreased my calories. Quite the contrary, he actually INCREASED my calories every single week, mostly in the form of carbs, and I continued to lose inches off of my waist, my clothes were getting looser and looser, and overall, I lost 6 lbs. in the 12 weeks. That may sound like a small loss, but it’s because I also gained so much muscle that my weight hardly budged, but my body composition drastically changed. More muscle, less fat.


My body is in the best shape I have ever been in and I am going to continue to work with Paul now to take it to the next level.


He is truly the best there is.

Dina, United States


I am so blessed that Paul Hovan is not only my trainer and competition prep coach, but also my amazing boyfriend. His positivity, dedication, excellent work ethic, reliability, and, of course, good looks, attracted me to him. He has helped me progress to the woman I had always dreamed of, not only with my physique, but an increase in my confidence and a happier outlook on life. This is my transformation story:


After high school and into my early to mid-twenties, I was part of the Fifty-State Marathon Club and eventually fulfilled my dreams of becoming the youngest female to run a marathon in all fifty states. Looking back, I had little muscle tone with a typical thin runners build, yet still felt insecure if asked to get into a bikini. In 2013, a friend of mine had participated in a bikini portion of a body building competition and convinced me to train for one.


At first, I was shocked at the amount of food and water I had to eat and drink. I was convinced I was going to gain weight, but every week my body fat kept declining. To my surprise, my skin, attitude, and outlook on life was improving. After three months of hard work, I placed fifth.


Earlier this year, I met Paul. He was prepping for a competition that he’d be doing in June and I decided to join him in prepping for the same show, which would be my second one. Paul customized my program for me and my body, just like he does with all of his other athletes. I followed a flexible dieting approach where Paul would just give me macros to follow and then I would eat whatever foods I wanted everyday. I never felt deprived because I loved every meal I was eating! We didn’t do any last week magic formulas that I asked him about; he didn’t have me cut my water, cut out sodium, load potassium, take any diuretics, cut my carbs, and all of the other things you hear most people doing in the final week. He told me he didn’t believe in any of that and that there is no research backing any of that up. He must’ve been right, because I ended up winning my class and taking 1st out of 12 girls!


I learned so much about nutrition and training. For example, Paul tells me to lift as heavy as I can while ensuring I maintain proper form. I was always afraid of bulking up if I did that, but I learned that this will not happen to females since we do not have enough testosterone for this to occur.


To my surprise, I lost even more body fat when he increased my calories and cut down my cardio. The week before the show is always the most stressful for me, but Paul has a certain way of making me feel at ease. Any question I would have, he always would have a thorough answer.


If you are looking to compete or even make a transformation, I highly recommend Paul as your trainer and coach. He has a tremendous amount of researched-based knowledge, credentials, education, and is a body builder himself. I feel it is important to have a trainer to guide you not only with the workouts and nutrition plan, but someone who also motivates you and is there to help you through the tough times mentally.


Thank you so much for being there every step of the way, Paul. I love you!!

Beverly, United States


I can honestly say that when I first signed up to work with Paul, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


I’ve always been a very active person. I had been doing Crossfit (where I first learned about weightlifting) and did it about 4-5 times per week for about 3 years before coming to Paul. I saw one of my friends’ 12-week transformations and I was initially sold on that.


I started working with Paul in February of 2014 for my first fitness competition, which was in April. We started with a clean eating approach, but about two weeks in, I had severe food boredom and cravings. I consulted Paul and he was willing to train me using a flexible dieting approach. He warned me that it would involve some more work on my part, but it was the best decision we had ever made!


I learned how to fit both healthy, whole foods and my favorite “cheats” into my weekly meal plan, which I believe is one of the reasons I was able to get such amazing results!


He taught me so much about how the body responds to proper intake and how important refeed days are. I was eating more food and getting leaner!


My first 8 weeks of training got me 9th place at the WBFF Fitness Atlantic out of 35 beautiful competitors. One week later, I placed 3rd in the same category (WBFF Diva Bikini Tall). I was so excited about my results, placing and the journey, that I continued to work with Paul for two more consecutive shows! At the WBFF Boston in June, I placed 2nd in the same division, and at my final competition in July at the WBFF New York, I placed 2nd once again.


As I said before, Paul trained me using a flexible dieting approach, including prepping me while I was on vacation.


He is extremely responsive and knowledgeable on the latest education regarding nutrition and weight training. I’ve done multiple one-on-one training sessions with him as well and he always pushed me harder than I thought I could go.


I have since recommended him to over a handful of close friends who have all agreed on how qualified he is at his specialty: transformations.


I can honestly say his coaching has been on point and life-changing for me. I am getting emotional thinking about how much more motivated I am towards my health and fitness now! He’s an incredibly positive and motivating coach!

Lauren, United States


I started with Paul a couple months after my first WBFF bikini competition. Right before I started with Paul, I couldn’t even eat 1,100 Kcals without gaining weight. I was extremely frustrated and mentally drained. I didn’t understand why I was eating “clean” but gaining weight and not gaining any muscle. I was afraid of food. I remember not even being able to consume fruit for 4 months with my old coach.


My friend referred me to Paul because she knew he had experience with competitors that had metabolic damage and very run-down metabolism.
After a couple weeks with Paul, I lost inches from my waist and saw vast improvements in strength. I was eating more AND losing weight. He opened a whole new world of IIFYM (if it fits your macros) for me and I never felt restricted. I didn’t even feel the need to binge.


For my second WBFF show with Paul, I felt sane and couldn’t believe the amount of muscle I gained – especially in my weaker areas.


Paul was there for me every single day and really customizes your plan. It is NOT cookie cutter. It is NOT “bro-science”. It is tailored for YOU. My macronutrients changed every week based on my progress. I was able to incorporate my favorite exercises into his plan. I was eating peanut butter and fruit all the way up until show day. He truly is there for his clients, not just as a coach, but as a friend, motivator, and inspiration.


This was a tough prep for me mentally because I was going through some personal hardships, but he was always there for me to pick me back up when I felt defeated. I WOULD NOT have made it through this prep without him, guaranteed.


He’s extremely intelligent, thinks outside of the box, and is always putting your health first. If you are a competitor, you don’t have to suffer through prep eating tilapia and asparagus whilst damaging your metabolic rate. There are other ways and Paul will show you!

Catherine, United States


I couldn’t be more grateful for Paul and Hov Hustle Fitness’ help and guidance throughout my 12 week transformation process.


I took on this challenge knowing hard work and dedication was key and if I wanted to see change, I had to give it just that. I have gained so much knowledge and self-confidence after working with Paul. When I started this process, I was completely clueless when it came to proper nutrition for my body. I couldn’t understand how I was going to lean up and lose weight while eating so much food, to the point where I was beyond full. But, it worked!


Paul was always so great when it came to explaining, in detail, anything and everything I had a question about, quick to respond, and was always happy to help. It felt great to have a true motivator who wanted nothing more than to help you succeed.


I would 100% recommend the Hov Hustle Fitness 12 week transformation program; it truly is worth it!

Jessica P, United States

Mike C1
Mike C2

Before I started the 12 week training and nutrition program with Paul, I had not been seeing the results at the gym that I had hoped for. It really does make a difference to have the correct base for foods to eat, along with the right balance of weight training/cardio sessions.


Paul was great in assessing the kinds of meals that I would look forward to eating day in and day out, and he was able to create results that were showing not only in the mirror, but in my strength training. Having someone always asking how you are feeling, seeing how your body is responding to meals, and looking for results on a weekly basis were all drivers to the success of the program. I was being consistent for my own good, but also because I didn’t want to let my coach down.


It was a great program, and I learned a lot about my body – what it responds to best, and what it needs, to perform at a high level. Paul knew what he was doing, and I didn’t question that for a second.


I would definitely recommend this to anyone out there who has been going to the gym on a semi-consistent basis, but needs that extra push forward to start really seeing results. If I can work 60+ hours a week and still have time for this program, I think anyone can find the time for this. This program taught me structure, in meal prepping and training – something that has become a lifestyle for me at this point. It creates a habit for preparing meals and being healthy throughout the entire week. There is always room to improve, but this program set a great foundation, and I am excited to be a part of team Hov Hustle Fitness.

Mike C, United States


I decided to go on this fitness journey because I’ve always been an over weight type of guy. I struggled with my weight all the time. Was bullied in school and I had to make a change. So I asked Paul to help me out.


He is a great coach, always checking up on me when I need him and always answering any type of questions that I had. He had me on a Ketogenic diet, which I’ve never even heard of before, and I loved it.


It taught me that eating bacon and eggs twice a day is feasible while still burning fat and becoming leaner. More than just those two food groups, but you get the gist. I dropped 15 lbs. in 12 weeks, gained lean muscle, and feel so much better.


I learned that no matter where you start, it doesn’t matter… it’s where you end up that counts. Don’t make failure an option; just eat right, work hard, and the results will show in time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the perfect body isn’t going to be either.

Steve, United States


My journey began with a hard glimpse in the mirror at age 35 and not recognizing myself for various reasons. My goal within 5 years was to achieve a healthier lifestyle, which included quitting smoking and to shed the extra pounds I had gained from my second pregnancy.  I reached 40 and had done just that:  I dropped about 45 pounds and went from 40% body fat to about 15%.  I then took my fitness goals to the next level and that’s when I contacted Paul, who was recommended by a friend, as I had exhausted all of the “corporate gym” resources.


The one-on-one training with Paul has coached me in numerous ways and has helped me aspire to where I’d like to be in my fitness goals. For instance, the small adjustments in my form when doing particular exercises, how many reps and/or sets, various training techniques, and lifting heavier, which dictated the results in my physique.   I was amazed when I was able to dead lift 185 pounds!  In all the years of training on my own, I never realized how strong I was.


At the same time my strength training program changed, so did my meal plan.  Calories were increased and I started eating carbohydrates again. Paul took into consideration my food choices with his recommendations and created a meal plan customized for me, which by the way, even included my favorite… DARK CHOCOLATE!! : )


These last ten weeks have truly been amazing, both physically and mentally.  I feel healthier, more athletic, more energetic, and my self-confidence has soared with each one-on-one session. The pictures speak for themselves.


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Paul for his approach to health and well-being at any fitness level and his ability to tailor all his programs to what the client’s personal goals are, whether it’s a lifestyle change or coaching for a fitness competition. He is in constant contact with you throughout your journey and is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic in his work.  He helps you realize your potential, set your goals, and is DETERMINED to help you achieve them!

Donna K, United States


I have had the pleasure of working with Paul for over three years. In those three years, he has coached me through two figure competitions, postpartum fitness, and even advised me during my fit pregnancy.


When I decided to compete again after the birth of my son, I knew I only wanted to work with Paul. He is the best, is familiar with my body, and I knew he would put my health and breastfeeding goals first.


Paul is one of the most knowledgeable coaches I know and whatever he doesn’t know, he admits, and works to find the answer. He never stops educating himself, researching, and learning! He doesn’t believe in quick fixes and even tests out all of his methods on himself before implementing them on clients… now that’s what I call a good coach!


He has a genuine passion for his career and cares about his clients. I am blessed to call Paul my coach and even more so, to have a friend like him.


I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone because I know he will take care of them! I am often asked why I choose a long distance coach… honestly, the distance doesn’t matter, because Paul stays on you! He responds to progress picture updates, questions, and concerns as fast, if not, faster than a local coach.


If you’re looking to compete or just shape up your lifestyle, I can’t recommend Paul enough!! Worth every penny!!

Jessica W, Canada


I’ve always tried to maintain a workout routine and a healthy lifestyle, but I got to a point in my life where I just lost sight of it.


I heard about Paul and contacted him. He reintroduced me to healthy eating and exercising, to the point where I don’t have to overdue cardio, if I eat right and exercise. I was able to eat more of things that I loved, so I was not hungry throughout the day. It was easier for me than I thought it would be.


It was so nice that I could just write an e-mail and know that Paul would always be there to answer any question I had, ANY TIME OF THE DAY OR NIGHT.


Believe me, there were those weeks that life got in the way: vacation, business trips, being sick, but Paul refocused me and got me back in the game, and when I thought I didn’t have it in me, he brought thestrength and fight out of me again, and look at where I am now, 16 weeks later.


I am much happier, healthier, a stronger woman, mom, and wife.


Paul has taught me that life happens, and to do things in moderation. Work hard and you will see results. Thank you Paul. I recommend Paul to anyone who wants to change their life and self-image!!

Heather B, United States


Growing up I played sports all year round, so it was easy for me to stay in shape, but when competitive sports suddenly came to an end for me due to injury, I was at a loss. Without team practices to go to everyday and coaches telling me what to do, I soon found myself out of shape and unsure of how to change. That is why I decided to go to Paul. After seeing his personal results and the results of his clients, I knew he was the partner I needed to help me get back on track.


Paul’s program was simple to follow. He told me what I should be eating and what workouts I should be doing each week. There were no gimmicks or guesswork involved. Paul assured me, just follow the plan and you’ll get the results, and he was right. I started seeing results within the very first week and continued to each week after.


Paul checked in often to make sure I stayed on track and to answer any questions I had and he adjusted my regimen as needed based on my progress. He gave me the tools and the motivation I needed to achieve my fitness goals. I gained strength and lost fat, but more importantly, I began leading an all around healthier lifestyle. Even though my 12-week program came to an end, I will be using the knowledge that Paul gave me for years to come.

Alice, United States

Kelly 1

When I started my fitness journey a year ago with Paul’s guidance, I learned a lot about not only my body and myself, but also the way I look at food. It is no secret that when I started college and got into a serious relationship, I gained quite a bit of weight. It was still easier to continue eating the way I was, rather than make a change. Sooner rather than later, I started to dislike my body and realized that there was room for improvement. I knew it was time for a change, and that’s when I started seeking guidance from Paul.


Where do I begin? I’ve learned so much from Paul over the last few months. He taught me to view food as nothing more than “food”, instead of “bad” or “good”. He taught me not to restrict myself from everything completely, and everything in moderation is the key. Having one free meal a week does wonders and keeps me from binging throughout the week. Another thing he taught me that has completely changed my life, is weight lifting. I always pictured weight lifting as something that men do, rather than women. Boy, was I wrong. Deciding to start lifting could very well be the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only has it made dramatic changes in my body’s appearance, it has also changed the way I feel.


Having a coach/personal trainer to push you and continue to keep you motivated and focused on your goal is essential to success. We all have those days where we don’t feel up for the gym – and that’s what Paul is there for. To push you, and help you remember why you started your fitness journey in the first place.


If you ask me now, the gym is my happy place. I couldn’t even imagine doing life without fitness and healthy eating – and I owe it all to Paul for making me step out of my comfort zone and start pushing myself to the limits. This entire process was not easy, but it did show me that I am, indeed, strong, and getting stronger every day.

Kelly, United States


“To start, I’ve always been interested in fitness and working out. It started at a young age – I was just 13 years old when I decided I wanted to lose weight and I was about 270 pounds at that time. This decision changed my life.


I had done a lot of research on my own and read many books – most of which Paul recommended. But after a double heart surgery in the fall, I was eager to come back in the best shape of my life for my senior collegiate baseball season.


I’ve always been a hard worker, giving it 100% in everything I do. But what I had not realized was although I was working my tail off in the gym, the missing key to my puzzle was a coach that could teach me the importance of nutrition and recovery.


Paul has taught me many things over these past few months, things which have been pivotal in getting me into the shape I’m currently in, as well as landing a sponsorship with BPI Sports.


What Paul does is go the extra mile, in all facets. He challenges you to keep up with communication, which is truly key in a working coaching relationship. He challenges you to create a mindset that will allow you to have long term results, way after your work is done with him specifically. The person I am now is much hungrier and much more educated than the kid who was looking to bounce back from a couple surgeries.


Any time I reached out to Paul, not only did he have an answer; but he had an explanation as well. This is how and why Paul not only coaches you, but teaches you as you go as well.


Honestly, if there is anyone out there looking to make lasting changes in their physique and health look no further than Hov Hustle Fitness.


I would recommend Coach Paul to 10/10 people for both nutrition and exercise. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes he can bring in others just like me, and I’m excited to start my senior collegiate baseball season in the best shape of my life.”


Andrew, United States


“I decided to embark on this journey because I felt like I was taking advice from multiple sources, getting opinions and then really getting nowhere with any of it. I never saw the results I was hoping for, which was disheartening.  I wanted to learn more about what I was eating and what workouts could manipulate my body to how I wanted to look.


I’ve been active in sports and lifting for years, so the work ethic in the gym was never a big issue, but I knew I was sabotaging all of my hard work with poor eating choices.  I’d easily grab fast food 4 or more times a week. I needed a schedule, a nutrition program, and some guidance for workouts to help get me to the results I wanted to see. This is when I decided to contact Paul.


I was worried and a little nervous at first to even talk to Paul.  I’d never done anything like this and didn’t want to waste a bunch of money on a nutrition and workout plan that I couldn’t stick to.  However, what I learned about myself through the guidance and help from Paul was that with just a little support, I could physically get past plateaus in the weight room and develop the mental toughness I needed to stick to the nutrition and exercise programs Paul provided. Even the few times when I would falter from the plan, Paul never yelled or got frustrated with me.  Instead, he would patiently offer encouraging words to get me back on track, which I felt were really motivating and inspiring.  I wanted to prove to him, and myself, that I could do this.


I think it’s very important to keep in contact with your coach.  They help eliminate some of the laziness that sometimes comes with just doing things by yourself, keeping you more disciplined in all aspects.


I would highly recommend Hov Hustle Fitness and their coaches to anyone looking to reach new goals with their physiques.  They are incredibly knowledgeable and I know as long as I put in 100%, I’m going to get amazing results from their programs.”


Hayden, United States


“Fitness has always been a part of my life, but it was more of just a “going through the motions” lifestyle. I worked out, ate decent, but loved going out way too much. A little over three years ago I was in a toxic marriage. I wanted to take my love for fitness and my goals to the next level and compete, but I knew my husband wouldn’t support me. He told me I couldn’t do it because I was only doing it for attention and that I didn’t need to waste our money. He said I didn’t have the will power because I loved to party. I was not fat, but I did and always have carried a lot of extra weight in my midsection. I wasn’t happy with how I looked and I couldn’t do this with an unsupportive spouse.


As a few months passed and I opened my eyes to reality, I knew that I was unhappy in so many ways. Eventually I got divorced, began travel nursing, lost a ton of weight and then gained my weight back and finally decided I wanted to do what I was told I couldn’t do and compete in a competition.


Through the help of a friend, I was matched with Beverly. We started this journey in December and it has been life changing. I have realized all of those negative things I was told in my past were wrong. I was strong and tough enough to do this. I learned that if I put my head and my heart into this, that I could get there. I showed myself that I did have the will power to say no to unnecessary treats and snacks and that when I was full – to stop eating. I learned that I didn’t need to go out every weekend and drink.


One of the biggest things I realized is that it felt better to try on clothes and look in the mirror and look great versus being hung over after a night at the club or eating an entire pizza. I have now become happier with how I look and no food or party can change that.


I could not have gotten this far without Beverly’s help though. She motivated me and always encouraged me. When I wasn’t sure I was making progress, she made sure I noticed the gains I’d made and how far I had come. If I was feeling like I wasn’t going to be ready on show day, she made sure my spirits stayed high.


I absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a transformation. The program works. Weekly photos and check-ins were something I grew to look forward to and not be afraid of. Her positive attitude definitely got me to where I am. I still have work to do and goals I want to achieve, but I know I can do it. I plan on competing again and using Beverly and her fitness knowledge to get me there. This is the happiest I have ever been and I have her to thank.”


– Kelsey, United States